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I’ve recently being out of work and while seeking new opportunities, I came to the realisation that most of the game startups out there these days, work with Unity3d. As such, I thought it might be a very good time to refresh my memory with this tool and adapt the knowledge I have gained as a professional developer into the creation of some super cool Unity games. In fact, I’ve used Unity3d in the past during my Bachelor degree, but didn’t get a chance to work with it ever again.

While I’ve been keeping myself very busy for the past two weeks, working on my university courseworks, - OpenGL and Bullet Physics Engine - going to interviews, answering the phone :O … I thought it would be great to only focus on learning Unity - as well as pursuing my job search of course :)

48H Game Challenge

So that’s it for the background story! Time to talk about what I’ve been doing and what I’m going to do. I am currently looking at increasing my portfolio size and demonstrate that I am capable to work with various genres. In that sense, I set myself a challenge that I like to call the 48 hours game challenge. As I want to quickly progress in the learning of Unity, I thought it could be a fun and interesting challenge to set to myself.

So here comes the first game that I’ve made under 15 hours; the remake of MineSweeper. While I am very keen on working on a different project, I believe it would be a great idea to create some template code that I could reuse for different games. As such, I’m currently working on level management :)

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