Cyberpunk Jam 2014

Fused - ranked #42

Fused Screenshot

Fused is the game that I ended up making with Zhan Gurskis for the Game Jam, from March 1st to March 10th.
Although it was tedious and exhausting, as I am a full time employee, it was a great experience.
Being my first time tryin a Game Jam, I will definitely enter the competition again, especially as we were really pleased to be ranked 42 out of 268 games.

While the complete ActionScript 3 version of the game is still under development, you can play the game made purely within the Flash IDE at:
We had to hand in the IDE version due to a lack of time and probably a lack of experience on my part; especially with making games in such a strict deadline. In order to avoid the same experience happening next time, I am making sure that the AS3 version of the game is going to be good enough to be used as a reference for future short games.

The repository of the ActionScript 3 version can be found at:
Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the game :)

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