Git hooks for jshint node module with Grunt

Install Grunt Git hooks (Assuming that jshint is already running)

This hook will be run before each commit.
Create a package.json to be executed when running: npm install

Or simply install grunt-githooks in the project: npm install grunt-githooks –save-dev

Create/update the Gruntfile.js file

module.exports = function(grunt) {
        jshint: {
          files: ['js/*'],
          options: {
            // options here to override JSHint defaults
            globals: {
              jQuery: true,
              console: true,
              module: true,
              document: true
        githooks: {
          all: {
            'pre-commit': 'jshint'

    // Load tasks

    // Register tasks
    grunt.registerTask('default', ['githooks', 'jshint']);

Run Grunt Git Hooks as a test:

grunt githooks

Grunt Githooks Command Screenshot

Whenever you want to commit any install packages added as a ‘pre-commit’ will run.
Here running jshint module and abort the commit due to jshint warnings:

Warning Pre commit Command Screenshot

Once corrections have been made, you can stage them again (git add -A) and commit your files:

Valid Pre commit Command Screenshot

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